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Alice Crawley

"Clematis on Bamboo Trellis" - Wallpaper by Alice Crawley

"Clematis on Bamboo Trellis" - Wallpaper by Alice Crawley

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Inspired by Alice's love of bamboo and trelliswork, the original artwork for this clematis flower design was hand-painted in watercolour by Alice's friend and Somerset-based artist Theodora Gould, who is known for her beautiful artwork centred around flowers and nature. The bamboo trellis has been illustrated in an old-fashioned style,  a subtle nod both to chintz decor and the Asian influences from where chintz originated from.

Alice and Theodora have also created another bamboo trellis wallpaper design using sweet peas (more colourful) growing up the trellis - "Sweet peas on Bamboo Trellis".

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Lead times may vary depending of fabric stock availability - usually within 4-6 weeks


Single Roll: 10m 

Useable width: 68.5cm

Pattern Repeat: 68.5cm straight

Parchment/paper quality:  2 layer smooth uncoated non woven

Application: Paste to the wall

For orders taken from stock: 7 working days to despatch

Lead time for new stock orders: 3 weeks to despatch

Copyright in all designs owned by Alice Crawley Limited.

All rights reserved no reproduction permitted.


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